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Top 10 Photos of Horrible Hotels Taken by Vacationers



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Vacationers are usually quite overwhelmed by their hotels, as they have inquired before, seen photos, and pretty much know what to expect. But for the vacationers of this top, it happened otherwise: their hotels were dirty, dangerous, or completely screwed up. In short, we are far from the 5 star and it follows from these pretty snapshots of these horrors. Look at that, and you’ll see what you’ve escaped this summer.

1. The water tank of the coffee maker is full of surprises

And this is why you check the hotel coffeemaker before you use it…. from r/trashy

2.Oh too cute the mushrooms

We have a really nice hotel room. from r/WTF

3. Are we having a swim?

The pool at my hotel in Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, those are toilets. from r/WTF

4. A room that combines a beautiful view and a good height under the ceiling

AirBNB description said “Views of the main church from the bedroom window”. Technically it was not a lie. from r/ExpectationVsReality

5. The new generation sports hall

The fitness room at the hotel I stayed at

6. Another beautiful view, it makes you dream

My hotel room has such a nice view!! Wait a minute… from r/mildlyinfuriating

7. It is beautiful, it is beautiful, it is beautiful the sink

Sinkhole just developed in my hotel room

8. Safety standards are met

Shower at the hostel my brother is staying at in China. (repost from /r/WTF)

9. Who wipes it for 50 $$$?

Found this waiting in the bathroom of my new hotel room from r/WTF

10. Do not have a pressing desire

After a beautiful day at the beach in hawaii, my cousin went back to her hotel room to a pleasant surprise. from r/WTF

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