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About List Lines

What is List Lines?

List Lines, it is a desire to do something more. Accustomed to “Todo-lists” at work, we thought that making lists could and should also be funny, informative, also little unusual. And thus become a fun way to express yourself as well as ours, you can say to laugh, to shed light on the news information, current world humor, gossip, events, lifestyle etc. From another angle, to learn incredible things, to retain information also completely without any determined interest.

List Lines, what is it about?

Still right now we are not sure…….that’s the fun part. But that speaks for almost everything, in the form of lists and not only. Anything that pleases us, makes us laugh or challenges us-somewhere. News, Internet, Travel, TV Series, Sport, Cinema … and so on and on. The important thing is that it is always funny, an unusual, a little instructive, but not too much and / or useful, but not only.

Who is List Lines?

Juleemilo and team WebGenox had the crazy idea came over a few hours ago to create a top list site? We could have invented quite a few things to present our thought. Simple reader or writer, have a good time on List Lines.

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